Google Adsense Partner Meeting

As an employee of a high profile site, I was invited by my boss to attend the Google Adsense Partner Meeting at the Googleplex in Sydney. Unfortunately I can’t really talk about much that was talked about as we were all required to sign NDAs on arrival.

Overall, the day was a huge success. Very interesting developments within the world of Google that we can all look forward to (You didn’t need to go to know that already!). The networking was fantastic as there were a lot of other high profile sites invited too, such as,, just to name a few.

After the seminars, we were invited to hang out with the Sydney Google team at Pier 26 on Darling Harbour which involved further talking and networking.

The Google team are a fantastic bunch. Really nice and easy going (no surprises given Google’s culture)

I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) attending next year!

For another take on the day, check out David’s blog post “AdSense Partner Day at Google Sydney”

Googleplex Sydney View Dave + Beer = ? Pier 26