PS3 Disc Error

Well, I booted up my PS3 today to give my brand new copy of Prologue a go. I inserted the disc into the Playstation, but it never appeared in the crossbar. All I can see is the little loading icon in the top right. I have tried a few different games; ones which I know work, but no luck. It seems my ps3′s laser has burnt out or something. Nevertheless, I have an extended warrenty on it, so no big drama other than the massive inconvenience it is causing. :(

I was initially suspect about it last night when I tried to resume playing Burnout Paradise, but wasn’t able to due to an error message on screen saying “Disc Read Error”. I just turned the PS3 off and went to bed, but waking up this morning I see that its a larger problem than first anticipated.

It seems like it is a fairly common problem with the PS. Anyone else had this problem with their PS3?

EDIT: I called Sony to ask what to do. Basically they said to send it to them (they pay the shipping), and then they send me one back. Great customer support! It’s nice dealing with companies like this. My PS3 is out of warranty too!