Inaugural BarCampGoldCoast was a success!

BarCamps are exploding around the world these days with new events and locations popping up all over the place. Australia is no exception! The inaugural BarCamp Gold Coast took place today at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and it was a complete success (Many thanks to Steve Dalton for organising the entire day). I won’t rattle on about what BarCamp is etc as I have already done that with my last post about BarCampBrisbane.

Topics for the day ranged from Incorporating companies through to twisted programming in python all the way to reflections in Java; a pretty broad spectrum of topics by any means.

For the first time, I decided to participate more actively and give a presentation of my own. I decided to talk about AJAX Pushing Techniques (a topic very close to my heart) as most people don’t realise there are different ways that AJAX communicates; they simply group them all together under one umbrella called titled AJAX. I talked about three common methods of AJAX communication: polling, long-polling(comet) and pushing, and the consequences/considerations one needs to take when implementing each of them. For more information, you can download my powerpoint presentation from here. If people are interested, I’ll post my code samples here too, but unfortunately they could be a little tricky to get working if you aren’t familiar with named pipes as the GPS simulator server relies on them. Based on feedback from people after the presentation, I think a lot of people enjoyed the topic as it is very relevant at the moment. In particular, people showed great interest in the section on multipart pushing, perhaps something to keep an eye on in the future.

As with every BarCamp I have been to, the presentations come second to the networking opportunities provided by the ‘unorganised nature’ of BarCamp. If you aren’t very technical, or don’t really understand something about IT, BarCamp is still for you! You don’t even need to be technically minded to gain something from attending BarCamp, and if you have thought about going but never bothered, I strongly encourage you to attend the next one as you only have something to gain.

If you are interested in the twitter hashtags for the day, you can check them out here: #barcampgc and #bcgc

If you want to check flickr pics from the day, check them out here and here or for the twitpic stream, check them out here

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