New York, New York

Mitch and I arrived at about 10pm last night in New York. We were pretty wrecked after the flight over. The flight from SYD->LAX was pretty good with Virgin Australia, but we didn’t sleep much unfortunately. After a 2 hour wait to get through customs & immigration (awful when you just want to sit and relax) in LA we finally made it to the gate for our flight from LAX->JFK with Delta.

The flight was packed, and very uncomfortable! It felt like the longest 6 hours of my life, and Mitch and I weren’t sitting together so it was pretty boring.

Jumped in a cab and got taken through The Bronx & Harlem at 11pm at night which was interesting. Its great that NYC has flat rate cab fares from JFK to Manhattan for $45! We were expecting it to cost a lot more.

We are staying on Manhattan for 2 nights (cnr of Columbus & West 79th St). After checking in we decided to go for a few drinks as we weren’t hugely tired. Found a little bar down the road and settled in for a few Brooklyn IPAs. Apparently being tired and drinking beer is a really bad idea; 4 beers in and we were starting to feel really drunk.

Woke up around 11 craving good coffee, luckily a colleague at work (Richard) has done some ground work on the saga of finding drinkable coffee in NYC! So we wandered down to Richard’s recommendation: Joe The Art of Coffee. Coffee was great; will be going back for sure! While we were enjoying our coffee on the bench, Richard walked past (small city!) so we had a chat with him and he was saying that a significant number of people in the coffee shop were in fact Aussies which makes sense; every Aussie wants good coffee! :D

Lunch time came around quickly and we couldn’t decide where to eat so I had a crazy thought and suggested Tom’s Restaurant on corner of Broadway & 112nd street, which for those of you who aren’t in touch with pop culture, is the diner where Seinfeld was filmed (the outside shots anyway). Food was cheap and good!

Then headed to Central Park to walk off the food. Its an amazing place. We only saw ~5% of it, but its such a great park to have in the middle of New York; like an escape from the concrete jungle.

I love this city. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it as its been over 15 years since I was last here and was probably too young to get the vibe; but after spending just one day here, I’m in love.

We will be heading to our other accommodation tomorrow over in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and will be staying there for 2 weeks. Apparently Brooklyn is more ‘hip’ and less busy so I’m excited about checking it out, and it will be super close to the offices which are in SoHo.