Manhattan to Brooklyn

We went out to The Ginger Man to beers last night, which is basically a beer bar with over 70 beers on tap at any given time! Some great beers were had, along with some pretty terrible ones; but that is the luck of the draw I suppose. We then moved to the Penny Farthing in the East Village to catch up with one of Mitch’s mates.

Today we packed our stuff and jumped in a cab to go across the river to Brooklyn. We are currently staying in a suburb called Williamsburg, which as far as I can gather, is the biggest hipster paradise I’ve ever seen. So many stove pipe pants, fixies, scrillex combovers, beards and ironic glasses. Parts of Williamsburg look like they are still as they were 20 years ago when prostitution was at its worst, run down and full of abandoned warehouses. It all adds to the charm of a borough though; it has a real community feel about it.

We decided to catch the ferry from Williamsburg today over to Wall Street with the intention of seeing the Statue of Liberty; but that fell through when we saw the ticket line!

Instead we decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial site at ground zero; which was very ‘real’.

We then decided to head home, but struggled to get a cabbie who would drive us to Williamsburg. 20 minutes later; after hailing half a dozen cabs, we finally found one who would drive us out there! Crazy right? Classic moment of tiredness combined with ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’.

Now the pizza has just arrived, we have beer also; and we are just chilling. I think Mitch just passed out momentarily!

PS: The pizza is legend… you better not be lactose intolerant because here comes the next bit… dary!