Arrived in SF

I have made it to San Francisco!

Got off the plane at 3pm local time (6am AEDST) at San Francisco International Airport in a very average state. Only managed a few hours sleep on the journey over but thats normally the case for me; I have trouble sleeping on planes.

SFO airport is really awesome though; looks brand new.. Although having said that; anything would look better than LAX :p

The apartment here is pretty awesome; wired with Sonos throughout, high speed broadband & cable tv just to list a few things. Its in the Dogpatch suburb (still find that name odd); so its about a 25 minute walk into SoMa/Downtown SF which is pretty convenient. I’m already scoping out buying a bike!

I ducked into SoMa today to buy a US sim card; which you would think would be easy (don’t get me started on how stupid the system is over here). Normally it is quite easy; but when you want it on an iPhone5.. think again. Ended up with a T-Mobile prepaid sim which seems to only run on 2G at the moment so I can’t imagine I’m going to last long with them.

Anyway; I’ve been up for about 40 hours now; with minimal sleep so I’m going to crash.