Beautiful San Francisco

It was another stunning day in San Francisco today. The obligatory SF fog didn’t bother setting in; which worked out very well for me given I’d booked a bike to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge today. Nice easy ride from the Marina district to the northern side of the GGB. There was tonnes of other people with the same idea; so it became pretty congested over the bridge; but nevertheless it was well worth the bike hire!

Golden Gate Bridge

I planned on catching a traditional trolly tram from Market St & 5th up to the end of Hyde Street; but after seeing the line I decided I had better come up with an alternative! There was probably about 200 people waiting to jump on. Kinda lucky I decided to give it a skip as I found a great burger place for lunch!

After eating lunch I decided to see if I could walk to the bike hire place. Clearly a mistake. If you aren’t familiar with SF; Powell Street goes over a monster hill; where it hits California at the top. I decided after walking about 300m up steep hills; it was far to hot for such idiocy and hailed a cab. I think I could have married the aircon in that car. Also – I successfully caught a cab in SF! (sorry, inside joke – the taxis in SF are few and far between and if you actually see one; its normally taken even though they don’t turn their light off). Which leads me into my next paragraph nicely!

Enter UBER. UBER is basically a taxi service without all the crap of having to actually stand on the street waiting for one; and then trying to find cash/card to pay & calculate tips etc. Its an app that you can pull up; it uses GPS to find your location; and you basically order a car. They call you to let you know they are outside the address; you jump in and get driven to wherever you want to go; jump out. Done. No need for money or card as your credit card details are on file with UBER & no waiting on the side of the street. Genius!

If taxi’s aren’t your thing in SF and you want to travel a longer distance or have a whole lot of groceries which rules out public transport, grab a zipcar! Zipcar is a short term car hire service. They have placed different kinds of cars randomly around the city in parking lots so that when you pull up the app; it pinpoints your location with GPS and shows you the closest cars. Simply book the car on your phone; and after payment is confirmed (via details when you register), the car unlocks and you jump in. From what people have told be it can be between $6 and $12/hour. Fuel and insurance is included. Such a brilliant idea for those short trips where you really need a car without the hassle of actually owning a car!

Those two paragraphs aren’t paid endorsements; I’m just fascinated by the way technology changes our habits and movements.

I also managed to sign up to AT&T today which means I’m finally on 3G/4G LTE (woot).

I’m also currently writing a gallery plugin for my blog that hooks into my Flickr account so I can pull photos in at a per blog post level.